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            2 moons later, "Cloudpaw it's featherpaw she coughing" "Bring her here" Cloudpaw order "were Jayfeather" Leafpool ask "talking to Willowshine" Cloudpaw mewed "Greencough" Cloudpaw hiss "Cloudpaw please help me" Featherpaw wheeze "Featherpaw here have this it's catmint it will help" Cloudpaw told Featherpaw. At night, "Cloudpaw get some rest" Bairlight yawn "no i making sure she lives" Cloudpaw mewed as she watch Featherpaw sleep.  In the morning, "Cloudpaw get some rest i watch her" Jayfeather mewed "fine" Cloudpaw yawn 'in Cloudpaw dream' "you know i cant abandoned my clan" the she cat hiss "but what about us" the white tom with black paws mewed "I am a medicine cat i have to serve my clan this is last time we be mates" the she cat said. In the afternoon, "Cloudpaw you're up" Acepaw mewed "what you want Acepaw" Cloudpaw yawn. 2 Moons later, "Aceflock will you walk Cloudpaw to shadowclan" Jayfeather ask "will do jayfeather" Aceflock mewed. 
            At the border, "Tawnypelt we came to speak with blackstar and littlecloud" Cloudpaw mewed "find but make it quick the is uneasy with the battle coming" Tawnypelt mewed. In camp, "I see so you want to help shadowclan cats during the battles" Blackstar mewed "I could always have another paw to help" littlecloud mewed. 


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haleigh polson
United States

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