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Pogo protecting her last cub from Tele Cat
The Tele Cat escape not long ago the park crew found it near death after the battle Pogo lost two cubs but one survive, had to take her and separate her from Dmitrii (her cub), half blind on her right eye.
Pogo and Ambrosio by losttaddy
Pogo and Ambrosio
6 months old
just a play date with Pogo
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        In a room of darkness at night a 19 year old girl sitting at her window. "Herve can I sleep in here" a young voice ask "go ahead Payton" she smile "thank you Herve again" Payton yawn. In the morning,"Mab clean your shit up now" mother yelled "not again" she thought as she look at Payton "you can kill mother" "no" she whisper "why not you scared" "hello sweetie" father said "hello dad I'm going out be back to night" Herve said "be safe Herve" he said "I try so hard dad" Herve chuckle as she left. "Herve ready" her friend Sarah ask "sure let's go" she said "so Herve how are you doing" she ask "it could be better Sarah" Herve mutter "what happen" Sarah ask "I was rape by my uncle a week ago" she sigh "kill them they need to die" "oh my god" Sarah said. "Are you ok did he try to kill you" she ask "I'm ok I swear I'm ok" Herve said "but your not Herve you want to kill them murder them distory them" "earth to Herve" Sarah said "yes Sarah" she said "stay at my place" Sarah said "are you sure" Herve said "yes I'm sure come on" she smile as they home back home. "Herve were you going" Payton ask "over to friends" she said "but uncle coming over" Payton said "then try to hide" Herve said as she left. "Be safe sweetie" father said.
         At night over at Sarah, "turn on the news" Sarah said "Tonight on news a young girl brutily murder by her mother and uncle -" "Herve were are you" Sarah called "oh poor Sarah you think everyone loves you" Herve smile insanely as she held a axe "Herve what's wrong it going to be ok they going to jail" Sarah said looking at the axe "If you think it's going to be better, your dead wrong Sarah" Herve laugh as she hit Sarah "what are you doing this Herve this isn't you" Sarah cough up blood "you're right this isn't me I am Lady Coon" she answer as she kill Sarah. "What a pretty look you have Sarah" Lady laugh madly "bye bye Herve" she laugh as she went to hunt down her mother and uncle.
        "Last night a young girl was murder brutily by an axe the police has not found any evidences but this one sentience. I am a lady of my word but a killer of the crazy some call me loony but it was written in blood" news lady said "shit" "Will what is it" Odila snap "Herve was with Sarah" he snarl "yes she was" she said "Payton was one of her favorite sister oh and were are your sons" Will said.At an abandon house, "Lady let's lay low" Herve said as she brush her black hair with blue highlights "Herve might as well let me take control and let you sleep for ever" "we going to find them and kill them" Herve smirk "yes we are Herve you just gotta love the taste of the blood" "if you say so" she said as she clean the axe. "They found the body" "We know that Lady" Herve said "just saying oh and your uncle just text" as Herve move to the phone.
         "So you killed your friend I knew you be like us sexy thing you are" 
    "I think I'm going to be sick" Herve gasp. "Meet me at West path 123 tomorrow night uncle" she text as she look at the window.
      "Who there" Herve snarl "Herve are you there" "Mike what you doing here" Herve said "I was worried about you since Sarah was murder" he said as he came closer "I escape Mike there were so much blood it almost got me" Herve cried as fake tears came out. "It's ok you be ok" he said "I'm glad you think so Mike" she chuckle as she hit Mike up the head "is he alive" "yes lady he still alive" Herve said "then let the fun with your little boyfriend" "I don't know" she said "you know he never did care for you" "shut up Lady you don't know what your saying" Herve snarl "oh but I do Herve we are the same you and I forever one" "I hate you" she said "it be fun Herve you and me". In the morning, "someone help me" "didn't your parents tell you to be quiet" Herve said "you psychopath you murder Sarah!" he snarl "toke you long enough" she sigh as she sat down "you think I care for a murder" he said "I was hoping you would say that" she snarl as she stab Mike leg "you think you going to kill me" Mike spit in Herve face "well yes I am since your tide up" Herve smirk "I was blind to date you" Mike growl "then I make you go blind" Herve laugh insanely as she cut out his eyes. 'Screams' "oh shut up your a wimp Mike always has been and always will be a wimp" Herve taunt as slash his tongue 'whimpers' "um should we put a crown on his head" "we should" Herve smile as she cut the crown on his forhead. "Have fun Mike if you live" Herve said as she left.
           "Were to" "let's fine my uncle" she said as she walk in to the woods. "Once we find him I will take over once and for all" "what ever Lady" she said as she jump over a river. Six days ago, "go on Sarah I be ok just tell Mike I be little late" Herve said "why hello sweety" "uncle what you doing here" she ask "you see" he said as he kiss her. "What doing" Herve said "well we going to have fun" he chuckle "this is rape!" Herve cried "not if you like it" he smirk. "I hate that kind of memories" "I will kill him for that" Herve snarl "and you will". "Hello mother" she smirk "oh honey I was worried for you" she said "oh please you never cared for me now that we are alone" Herve said as raise her ax cuts off an arm "you pay for that" she snarl as she attack Herve and mange to cut the left arm. "If you think it's going to get better your dead wrong" Herve said as she cut her mother head off. "Now off to uncle" Herve said "oh Herve I think I be in control now" "Lady no no what ar-" "long live Herve" Lady chuckle as she ran to the near by house "attention all citizen stay in doors and lock your doors. The killer has killed another person his name is Mike Bush" "oh good the cops found him" Lady said as she walk on to the sidewalk. "Great were could my sister be" "oh she dead" Lady said "who are you" he ask "your worst nightmare" Lady sneer "freeze" "oh you brought friends more fun for me" Lady said as she killed the cops. "Who are you" "Lady Coon to bad you won't be alive to remember me" Lady said as she cut the uncle head off. Sound of thunder echo in the house as lady walk out an in to the woods once more. "Not bad killing" "who there" Lady snarl "name Masky and that Hoodie and Ticci Toby" Masky said "what do you want" Lady said "join us" Hoodie ask "sure why not" Lady said "ok come along you s-s-s-should meet o-o-our boss" Ticci said "your boss?" Lady ask "Slenderman" Masky said.


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